Free shipping | 30-day money back guarantee
Free shipping | 30-day money back guarantee


The wifi solution your business can rely on.

World-class mesh wifi hardware combined with intuitive business software.

The reliability, security, and speed your workplace needs.

Now your small business can benefit from eero's TrueMesh technology. Securely connect up to 100 devices within your eero for Business network — so you and your customers can stay connected during your busiest times.

  • Securely handles sensitive information
  • Reduces drop-offs and dead spots
  • Local network stays on even if cloud goes down to keep the business running

Business software that makes wifi simple.

Minimize your IT needs

Our easy setup and reliability mean you won’t need much IT help at all. When you do need to manage your network, our management tools are simple to use and you’ll have access to 24/7 eero support.

Create custom experiences for your visitors

Captive portal also allows you to curate custom experiences with personalized business splash pages.

Include compliance for your users

Through the captive portal, connected users can accept online terms, such as T&C agreements, acceptable usage policies, and privacy notices. These policies may be used to notify connected users of use requirements and obtain user consent.

Multiple Wifi Networks

Support guest users without giving them unfettered access to your network with multiple SSIDs. Businesses can also define bandwidth limits and session restrictions between user types.

Great business wifi made simple.

Ask for eero for Business from one of our preferred providers to get started.
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For installers and providers.
Enhanced security
Separate network traffic between user classes, to provide security for employees and visitors.
Easy segmentation and prioritization
Differentiate business networks from infrastructure networks with a different SSID for devices, such as IP cameras, common office equipment, etc.
We have your back
You’ll know your wifi problems will be solved within minutes—not hours—with eero’s CX and Amazon’s customer-obsessed support.

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eero for Business is intended for use by small and medium sized businesses to support up to 100 connected devices. Benefits and features may vary based on product configuration.