Free shipping | 30-day money back guarantee
Free shipping | 30-day money back guarantee
eero for Communities
The speed, simplicity, and flexibility your property demands.
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Make your residential property stand out with eero for Communities—an all-encompassing wifi solution that offers centralized control, advanced online security, and more, creating a reliable experience for residents.
Personal wifi network in each unit with app-based control for residents
Property manager management dashboard for easy resident onboarding and assistance
Turnkey solution for ISP partners with insights into wifi performance
Community wifi, reimagined

Get up and running instantly

Residents can get online within minutes of moving in using the simple, powerful eero app and award-winning hardware—reducing IT costs, truck rolls, and technician time in the process.

Simplify network management

The eero for Communities management dashboard helps property managers simplify resident transitions, streamline apartment turnover, and assist residents with connectivity issues—all from an intuitive centralized hub.

Turn your property into a smart building

Improve security and bandwidth management by deploying a separate wifi network for property-owned IoT devices like thermostats, sensors, door locks, and intercoms.

Help residents stay secure

With world-class online security features from eero Secure, your residents get access to value-added services like parental controls, content filtering, threat protection, and ad blocking.

For internet service providers.

Streamlined resident onboarding

Service Left In Place (SLIP) means hardware stays in units, reducing operational costs, truck rolls, and on-site technician time.

Enhanced security

Offer your residents access to active threat protection by giving them tools to block malware on known malicious sites.

Robust property management

Rich data insights simplify deployment, asset tracking, and resident support across multiple properties.

Reduce call volume

Thanks to eero’s reliable, intuitive offerings, customer issue call-in volumes diminish by 90%*.

*Data based on internal results reported by a US ISP partner, November 2021-April 2022.

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eero for Communities is available through select internet service providers in select countries. See for additional eero product information.